FAQ - Q & A

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  • Q: Quality of T-Shirts

    A: 140g standard.
    (With the 120g lowest quality NOT preferred)
    A: T-Shirts = 100% Cotton

  • Q: Colour's available

    A: Adult T-Shirts: white, gold, red, navy, sky, stone, beige, black, emerald, bottle green, purple, silver, gray, royal, orange
    A: Kids T-Shirts: white, red, navy, sky, bottle green, yellow
    A: Printing: Max 6 colours per item

  • Q: How long to wait for a print order

    A: 3 to 5 working days to complete an order, delivery time must be added to that.
    A: Embroidery takes a bit longer.

  • Q: Postage

    A: Collections can be done - arrange in advance please.
    A: South African Post Office - Delivery anywhere in SA. (7 Days — With tracking number)
    A: Bulk - Couriers might be needed
    A: Overnight delivery and Rush jobs = Extra costs (Talk to us about your deadlines….)

  • Q: TShirt Silkscreen printing

    A: Colour's does NOT wash out - This is a production product/process
    A: The better the quality of your tshirt, the better looking the final result
    A: Only certain types of Golf Shirts can be embroidered

  • Q: Embroidery

    A: Yes
    A: Normally done for Caps, Golf Shirts, Rugby jerseys and Dri-mac type materials.

  • Q: Digitized printing

    A: Yes, but talk to us about it. NOT on 100% cotton.

  • Q: Personalized Shirts and Baseball Caps

    A: Yes - You can supply the design or let the team of pro's help you
    A: Positives are kept for re-orders
    A: Silkscreens are cleaned after an order, and must be redone from the positives on re-orders

  • Product Categories

    Photo: MTN embroidered logo

    (Kids, Women and Men sizes - please confirm)
    Golf Shirts
    Shirts and Blouses
    Boer Hemde
    Rugby Jerseys
    Your own Branded Clothing
    (Print your own custom designed cool or funny t-shirts)
    Corporate Gifts

    Wet T-Shirts

    Due to popular demand, we decided to tell you how to have your own wet t-shirt when you order your tee-shirts from us.

    After the silkscreen printing we put the shirts back into the plastic bags, ready to be crated/packed for couriers.

  • Step 1 - On receiving your new t-shirt, do not remove from the plastic bag
  • Step 2 - Add water to package (T-shrit still inside)
  • Step 3 - Remove wet t-shirt from plastic and put it on

    ha-ha -> Sorry, just had to do it.
    Anyway, we can't have wet t-shirt photos on this site, as some of our clients are still young.

  • Latest news

    Wet T-Shirt:
    Due to the high volume of searches for wet t-shirts on our website, we've